10 Instagram profiles for “logo-lovers”

Social media has become one of our favorite places to dive for logo inspiration. Logos have become an elemental part of the brand image. It is their hallmark, their cover letter and the emblem that represents them and makes them memorable wherever they go… Or not. Designing a good logo requires creativity, skill and a good dose of synthesis. One of the best ways to design a good logo is to soak up other designs and although we are exposed to hundreds of. Logos every day, not all of them are worth admiring. That is why we have compiled 10 instagram profiles for logo lovers.


Famous Fonts and Designers Who Made Them.

Logoarchive the isotypes compiled by this instagram photo retouching service account have something in common they are simple, monochrome and are always presented on a neutral black background that helps us discover how their shapes adapt to their smaller version. 10 instagram profiles for logolovers 2 logothorns in. After that, A more diverse and colorful line, logo thorns regularly publishes all kinds of logos, including some dynamic ones, usually. After that, Simple, linear and effective. 10 instagram profiles for logolovers 4 logotheke as a newspaper library of logos, logotheke looks back to bring the best iconographic representations of past decades. It is intended to serve as a source of inspiration for present and future logo creators.

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Illustrations That Will Draw You in.

10 instagram profiles for logolovers 6 logoprocess CNB Directory unlike the previous ones, this instagram profile is not limited to sharing with its followers the logos that most attract their attention, but rather makes them participate in the process of creating it, showing the skeleton of its final forms. 10 instagram profiles for logolovers After that, 8 logoexcellent. It is the designers themselves who apply to publish their creations on logo excellent, an instagram profile. Dedicated to logo design that collects the most interesting current icon designs.

10 instagram profiles for logolovers 10 logoroom with a strong simplified. After that, Vector style and a strong animal presence in many of its logos, logo room serves as a source of inspiration. For anyone looking to represent an idea with just a few strokes. 10 instagram profiles for logolovers 12 logoinspirations. Also in the line of minimalism and simplicity, logo inspirations is the oasis to go to when the brain. Has run out of ideas and we need a breath of fresh air. When it comes to translating a business or an idea into a logo.

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