11 Tips to Have a Good Linkedin Profile

There are many people, possibilities and opportunities in one place and you are probably there, with a profile that you created years ago without any relevant or updated information. It is useless to indicate that you have a job and therefore Cameroon WhatsApp Number List you should not worry about being active on linkedin anymore. This social network has become one of the main places to work professional marketing, participate in constructive discussions in your field of action and is also an optimal place for networking. 13 Tips to Have a Good Linkedin Profile. 11 Tips to Have a Good Linkedin Profile.

Anyway. You can even continue to believe that story that only job seekers need to worry about linkedin. However, if you are interested in the subject. I suggest you grab a piece of paper. A pen and start jotting down. Now you will learn 13 secrets of enviable profiles on linkedin.

Efore Learning the Secrets for a Champion Profile

keep your profile updated linkedin creating a profile, choosing a picture and putting certain information does not mean that you are actually on linkedin. Obviously, your page will be found by some people. But you will not have additional results. Before learning the secrets for a champion profile. You must understand that the essential thing is to have an updated profile and be an active user on the social network.

Have you taken a new course, obtained a certificate or won an award? Log in to your account and include this information. Don’t leave your profile, it needs you! 2- use a good profile picture there is no chance of a good linkedin profile without pictures. As simple as that. Do you remember that photo you use on whatsapp, twitter or facebook? It is possibly not the ideal image to seal your linkedin profile. Try to select a more sober and professional photo.

Learn to Differentiate Social Networks

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At the end of the day, what will a recruiter or head hunter think of coming across a photo of you on the beach or something like that? Learn to differentiate social networks. Linkedin was developed for you to share information and professional content. Therefore, your profile picture must have the same objective.

Choose a good background image linkedin following the line of other social networks such as facebook and twitter, linkedin recently released the use of background images for all users. Previously only premium users and companies had this option. This background image, as well as other social networks, creates a new possibility for you to use visual pieces to communicate with the visitors of your profile.

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