16 Free Digital Marketing Tools Every Marketer Should Know

Brands are paying more attention than ever to digital marketing. By 2021, digital marketing spending is expected to reach $120 billion, according to Forrester research. As the demand for digital marketing increases, it becomes increasingly difficult for teams to find the time to manage each channel. Marketers now juggle websites, blogs, email, Nigeria Phone Number List and multiple social sites. They write articles, edit articles, research images, write captions, research hashtags, schedule content, monitor metrics, the list goes on. Fortunately, there are marketing tools that can help. We’ve compiled a list of 14 free digital marketing tools that can ease your workload while keeping you on top of your digital marketing game. 16 Free Digital Marketing Tools Every Marketer Should Know.

Tools for Email Marketing

Tools for email marketing 1. Email Marketing Scorecard Have you ever wondered how your emails compare to others? Don’t ask me anymore. With Campaign Monitor’s Email Marketing Scorecard, you take a simple quiz that explores how you use email to promote your brand. This tool gives you a scorecard along with actionable tips to up your email marketing game. 16 Free Digital Marketing Tools Every Marketer Should Know.

Cost : Free 2. Email Template Builder When you’re tired of using the generic email templates provided by your email service provider, switch it up and design one yourself. Don’t worry, you don’t need any coding skills. Simply use Campaign Monitor’s email template builder with its drag-and-drop functionality to create original, mobile-friendly templates that you can use over and over again. Cost : Free 3. Title Analyzer Whether you’re writing titles for a blog post or a subject line for an email campaign.

Email Marketing Scorecard

Nigeria Phone Number List

CoSchedule’s Title Analyzer can help. This tool scores your title based on its type, word choice, and length. You’ll get tips for improving your title, and it’ll even keep track of all the titles you enter so you can see which one is most effective. Cost : Free Headline Analyzer from CoSchedule 4. Kickbox On a regular basis, you should perform mailing list maintenance. In other words, you should remove invalid and inactive subscribers from your mailing lists.

It’s not always easy to know whether or not you should delete inactive subscribers, but Kickbox can help. Then This tool can clean up your contact list which only slows down your delivery rates and increases bounces. Cost : Kickbox is a “freemium tool”, meaning it offers some services for free but charges for more advanced tools

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