20+ Reasons Code Not Working

I always test the code first to make sure it works. But there are many reasons. Why it sometimes doesn’t work for myself. Other people who use it. Even though it doesn’t is not broken. Here is a list of some of the reasons why the code is not working. You forgot to  El Salvador WhatsApp Number List clear the browser cache. You can make CSS changes. Think they work when they actually work. An old version of the pages that include the old code. 24+ Reasons Code Not Working.

The css code does not work correctly in the functions file

Clear your browser cache to make sure. Did not flush server cache: Some managed hosting providers use very aggressive server-side caching. I know WPEngine does which can take days for CSS changes to appear on your site. You can make those changes that really work. Clear your server cache and test the code locally using server-side caching or a caching plugin.

CSS code pasted in the functions file. The CSS code does not work correctly in the functions file which includes an opening. PHP code does not work . Css file which is read by a browser. Not by a PHP processor installed on the server. 24+ Reasons Code Not Working.

Php or Css Pasted into Header and Footer Scripts

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PHP or CSS pasted into header and footer scripts. Themes that include an area for header and footer scripts make it easy to add JavaScript for Google Analytics tracking and live chat scripts. Not PHP scripts. Copy it from a web page and paste it into the theme editor. Very common error that can cause single quotes to spin, resulting in the white screen of death that breaks your site. Always copy the raw code and paste it at the end of the file using a text editor like Notepad. Didn’t copy all the code. If you copy a block of CSS code that doesn’t include the class or is missing a closing parenthesis. The code won’t work.

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