5 Advanced Techniques to Improve Link Equity

Effective link building results in powerful link equity and search prominence. This remains the gold standard of the SEO world. While pre-Penguin black hat tactics have effectively been eradicated, links are still just as important – even if link Bosnia and Herzegovina WhatsApp Number List farms won’t get you very far. We know link building takes time, but are you getting the most out of your new and existing links? Make sure you stay on the first page of Google: Here are 5 advanced strategies to make sure your link equity doesn’t decrease over time. There are few things that frustrate people on the internet more than broken links. But it’s such an easy thing to fix.

Fix Broken Redirects

If you’ve migrated a website, it’s perfectly possible that there isn’t just a problem with 404 links. Broken redirects can sometimes occur simply because the site has been around for a while, without a migration. Every time a URL changes, there is a chance that links will break and redirects will break. For example, if I change the name of a page for the second time – after creating a redirect – I can break this redirect. Broken links will only frustrate people. Use a decent scan tool to identify broken redirects on your domain and get to work fixing them.

Resurrect Dead Links

Bosnia and Herzegovina WhatsApp Number List
Bosnia and Herzegovina WhatsApp Number List

It’s not a particularly exciting task, but it’s vital! 3. Don’t forget the quality of the content! If you have good content, your link equity is likely to be much stronger than someone without that asset on their side. To get inbound links for your website, you have to create something that people care enough to link to. It’s easier said than done. This content can take many forms – video, audio, plain old text. It doesn’t matter, in theory, but the more shareable the content, the better. An entertaining and lighthearted video will probably go further than a serious, text-heavy blog, for example. Of course, formats that work well for some will be less effective for others.

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