5 Training Courses to Learn How to Shoot, Edit and Edit a Project

Video is the most viral and engaging type of format on social media. To communicate well, however, it is necessary to master the different stages of the process. We have selected for you 5 training courses to learn how to shoot, edit and Costa Rica WhatsApp Number List edit a project, accessible to students, employees, job seekers and companies. Bachelor Video editing.  Accessible to students only, However, this training offered by Itecom Art Design lasts 2 years on a work-study basis. Focused on editing with Final Cut Pro. Otherwise, the production of special effects with After Effects, the Bachelor allows students to acquire a professional level. 5 Training Courses to Learn .

Take photos and videos from your smartphone

Otherwise,Tamento provides a 2-day training course accessible to employees and companies. During which participants learn to take photos and make videos with their smartphone. Photo retouching and mobile video editing are of course. However, this program which targets community managers. Photographers and communication professionals. Note that the training leads to a Datadock certification. To participate, However, it is necessary to have an up-to-date smartphone. To know the publication rules of social networks. Count 1290 euros. 5 Training Courses to Learn .

To understand the working environment of editing. Then, to respect an artistic direction. The deadlines imposed by a customer. However, to control the aesthetics of the image during the realization. Note that it leads to a professional title. To integrate the program, it is necessary to hold the Bac. Count 6950 euros (fundable with the CPF).

Premiere Pro Initiation deepening  in Marseille (13), remotely or in company

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Open to employees, job seekers and companies. This 35-hour training offered by Dawan allows its participants to discover. Learn video editing through the use of the main features of Adobe Premiere. At the end of the program. The participants will be able to know the main technical terms.  From the acquisition of the rushes to the export of the final assembly. Having minimal knowledge of image and video. To participate, count 1500 euros (fundable with the CPF).

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