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Time flies, we are already in the middle of July.If you are one of the lucky 65% ​​of French people who go on vacation , chances are you will come back with many photos . Rather than abandoning them cowardly on a corner of your hard drive, you might as well highlight them to share them or watch Brunei B2B List when the fateful hour of the new school year has come. 5 Ways to Show Off Vacation Pictures – Wikihow.

Many solutions exist, both free and paid. Here are a few with radically different concepts. There’s something for everyone: to blog, to watch on your sofa, on your computer, to share online… I hope you’ll find what you’re looking for! You should logically find there something to highlight your holiday pictures.

Chances Are You Will Come Back With Many Photos

The third edition of the competition for the best employment blogs officially ended on Sunday at midnight. We will have to wait a few more days to discover the winners in the 4 categories chaired by the jury (Best blog, Best post, Special jury prize and Originality prize) and for the public vote . The members of the jury are currently reviewing the registered blogs before submitting their votes. As soon as this is done, the winners will be announced.

While the suspense is still in full swing, I invite you to drawn among the voters. The draw has just ended under bailiff control .Microsoft continues with its change of communication strategy . The firm is trying to restore its image, outdated (among other things) by Apple campaigns and their cool/quirky tone. To boost Internet Explorer 8 , a treasure hunt and a charity action were organized.

The Members of the Jury Are Currently

Brunei B2B List

For the announcement of Microsoft Office 2010 , a movie trailer was put online. No announcement of future features, no presentation of the product, the video has the will to go viral. It works if we are to believe the many returns on the this long weekend.

Note, the plot is based among other things on the death of Clippy… You know, the paper clip that was supposed to help you and that has always been heavily criticized. The second degree is therefore de rigueur in this imitation blockbuster. The actors also speak French at one point, without success. The result, however, can be viewed with pleasure.

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