Pakistan Mobile Number 6 Top Tips to Improve Your Google Ads Relevance

In the world of paid search, there’s always room to improve the searcher experience and thus the conversions you earn.

Quality score data is one way advertisers can get feedback on Google Ads to help guide strategic decisions on account structure, keywords, and ad copy.

Are your PPC advertising Pakistan Mobile Number campaigns performing as well as they could be?

If you were managing this PPC account, you now clearly see where you need to focus your efforts to raise the quality score: Expected CTR.

You can also manipulate date ranges to see if there is any valuable historical information.

In this example, the score hasn’t changed. It was (and still is) “below average,” the lowest rating.

How Google Calculates Quality Score

Quality score is used as a diagnostic tool for PC managers to better understand where improvements in their Google Ads accounts could be made.

Google Ads uses the Quality score metric to determine where a PPC ad should appear in the paid search results and how much the advertiser should pay per click.

Quality score is tied to three main components:

  • Ad relevance.
  • Landing page experience.
  • Expected CTR.

Use these are key Pakistan Mobile Number components to monitor and optimize when reviewing the quality score data in the keyword views.

Start out with reviewing the Quality score reporting:

  1. View results at scale: Google Ads displays quality score component columns at the keyword level.
  2. Access historical quality score performance data: It’s easy to see how your score has changed over time.
  3. Export your data: This makes it easier to analyze.

How to Use Quality Score Reporting

Pakistan Mobile Number
Pakistan Mobile Number

Quality score can be viewed at the keyword level in Google Ads.

You can modify the column view to see the “quality score” metrics to create a custom view.

Save these columns for future Pakistan Mobile Number use and quick insight into quality score performance.

In addition to seeing the historical/last known quality score for the reporting period, you also can dig deeper by changing the time periods to see month-over-month and even segmenting by day to compare the score changes.

With these detailed insights, you can focus on areas that need improvement.

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