8 Reasons Buzzfeed Emails Content Could Change Everything

There are many excellent content creators on the web, all of which offer something special that sets them apart. However, some of them stand out a bit more than others. Even if you’re not a subscriber, you probably recognize Business Development Directors Email Lists the name BuzzFeed. Then This renowned content creator delivers news, facts, opinions, statistics, information and entertainment to an audience of millions. 8 Reasons Buzzfeed Emails Content Could Change Everything

What is the secret of their success? Could your newsletter do with a little BuzzFeed stickiness? We asked Dan Oshinsky, their newsletter editor, to share their secret sauce with us. Find out why personality and good content curation really matter with Dan’s top 8 tips. 1. The subject line + pre-header really matters Your emails appear. 8 Reasons Buzzfeed Emails Content Could Change Everything

The Subject Line + Pre-header Really Matters

In the same space as your family and friends’ emails. Subscribers let you into their lives. Embrace that. Every time I write a subject line, I try to get as much out of it as possible for the reader. And then the pre-header takes the message home. For example, if the subject line of a food email is “It’s YOUR month,” the pre-header reads,

“February is here, and it’s time to take control and plan a months of delicious recipes. When they work together, it can really give subscribers a reason to click. 2. Don’t just have an audience in mind – have a person Don’t just have an audience in mind – have a person I write every email with two very different BuzzFeed readers in mind. One is a friend in his twenties who is always busy at work.

Don’t Just Have an Audience in Mind – Have a Person

Business Development Directors Email Lists

Then The daily BuzzFeed email is his link to what’s happening on the internet. The other one is my mom, and she has a great sense of humor, but I don’t want to share anything NSFW either. Before sending an e-mail, I ask myself: Would my friend like this? Is my mother? If the answer is “yes” to both, it will almost always be fine.

All good BuzzFeed email examples are written for people, such as individuals rather than the general idea of ​​an audience. All of the best email marketing examples share this characteristic. Writing for people makes your content more humanized. Sounds basic, right? You’d be surprised how many content creators overlook this tip.

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