9 tricks to achieve a good product naming strategy

Years ago, when I was working with my father-in-law, we tried to help one of our business partners change their product naming strategy to improve the names of some additives that it used for various animal products.

Let me say that the initial names were horrible. Everything, without exception, was terrible. I will give two examples. What do you think they were called? Say them out loud.

CI 3-4 Poultry and CI 5-4 Pork.

Yes, we know…

Our subsequent attempts gave these components a more descriptive name: Life-Global. Better.

Still, I wish I had known much earlier in my life how to name a product. It wasn’t until I started paying attention to different conventions and “rules” that I started thinking of good names for companies and their products.

9 tricks to achieve a good product naming strategy
To try to limit my initial mistakes, here are nine tips to help you name products or even name a company you’re thinking of creating soon.

These tricks do not follow

A pattern nor should they be followed sequentially, as a couple of them – use real words and invent new words – are contradictory to each other. Therefore Jordan Phone Number choose a few and follow them to find the best possible name for your products.

Think of dozens, if not hundreds, of choices.
Be descriptive.
Make them short and punchy names.
Make them easy to say and spell.
Look for names that are pleasant to the ear.
Use real words, but change them a bit.
Invent new words.
Verbalize the name.
Do your research to see if you haven’t been beaten to the punch.
When you’re ready, find someone to throw a cable preparing the visual part. This means not forgetting that you need to create a logo as soon as you have your product naming strategy ready.

1. Think of dozens, if not hundreds, of choices
“The first idea is the good one” is not the best way to name your products.

Still, there are chances that other people have thought the same thing before and are already using that idea.

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The only way to make an initial

Idea successful is for you to invent something that no one else has seen, something completely new.

Brainstorm different ideas about the product. Think of words related to the object itself, what it is for, the problems it solves, what its target audience is, where it should be used, and other issues.

Imagine that you have developed a kind of night light that is activated by voice commands. Make a list of some names you could give it, for example:

If used for children’s room.
To illuminate the bathroom in the middle of the night.
As a security device in an office.
A low intensity light for pets.
To manage the security of a museum.
All of these uses can help you come up with many ideas that can be turned into names, each one based on where it will be used and who needs it.

Go ahead and squeeze out as many words as you can – for every occasion – and then apply some of the other tips to find the best possible name.









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