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They must prevent processes from slowing down and ensure that democracy is safeguarded. Many municipalities choose to use an online live stream as a replacement for physical meetings. As a result, a large part of the work can also continue online. Since March this year, the number of live streams from municipalities has Ukraine Phone Number increased significantly. There are very good examples of live streams that come close to the experience of a physical meeting, but there are also a lot of live streams that do not have the desired effect and are often wasted effort. How do you prevent that? And how do you ensure that your livestream is a success? I am happy to give you practical tips and important points of attention.

Of Study That Many Students

What do you use a live stream for? You could see a live stream as a press conference. You have a speaker who and an audience that can ask questions. A handy tool if you are physically unable to meet. A big advantage is that with an online live stream you reach more people with fewer resources. You can use live streams in different ways: Online press conference Q&A (interaction) Participation and participation Internal communication and meetings informative Congress or events A live stream (online event) is a good alternative to the physical meeting, if you use it properly.


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Live streaming is possible via various tools. In this I distinguish paid software (such as Zoom and GoToWebinar) and the free streaming option on Facebook and Instagram. LinkedIn has also been offering live streams on the platform since 2019. The latter is particularly interesting for corporate business communication and less so for citizen participation. That is why I leave this platform out of consideration and focus on Facebook and Instagram, where the majority of Dutch people are active on a daily basis. Also read: How do you, as a municipality, connect to the customer journey of your residents.

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