A Client Feedback Plugin for Small Agencies and WordPress Implementers

Moving a client project forward rarely happens without a hitch. No matter how much work you do on the front end trying to understand what a customer is looking for. Inevitably changes will be needed to close the gap between what you create and the image in their head. A Client Feedback Plugin for Small Agencies and WordPress Implementers.

Trying to manage the customer feedback process over the phone, in a text document, or in a long, confusing email chain fails to address Greece Phone Number List the specific nuances around the change needed to complete a website design project. It’s much easier for both parties if they can use a visual interface to target specific website elements and add feedback directly to the design. A WordPress commenting tool like ProjectHuddle can help make this process easier for agencies and their clients.

Who is Projecthuddle for

To use ProjectHuddle, you must first purchase and install the plugin on a WordPress site that you will use as your main dashboard for client website feedback. To use ProjectHuddle, you must first designate a dashboard site, where you can view and manage all projects.

I had some hosting credits with my WPMU DEV subscription, so I created a fresh WordPress install for that purpose. Creating separate WordPress instance as a project management dashboard is the recommended setup as it offloads any impact this plugin files might have on a website’s speed. Once done, you will need to install a plugin or snippet on the individual websites that will make up your ProjectHuddle projects.

How to configure and use ProjectHuddle

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ProjectHuddle can handle either. You can also install add-ons to enable PDF mockups and the ability to upload files with a comment. Once you’ve connected your dashboard site to individual websites and mockup files, you can start leaving feedback.

After generating a new website project. You will open the project and notice a comments widget. The lower right corner of the design (for mockup projects there is a toolbar at the top instead):

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