A Crash Course in Marketing With Stories

How do you feel? Did you read what the dusty history book is, or its unforgettable Disney cartoon ? That is, my friend, the ability to tell a story in action. According to Chip and Heathland in their book “Making a Stick ,” stories are a very important factor in creating sticking ideas. We process human information more efficiently when it’s in the form of a story, and we’re therefore more likely to remember it. We quickly forget the dry recitation of the facts. However, most marketing is: If you want your marketing to really fizz, if you want people to remember it, you need to turn your marketing message into a story. I break down the classic elements of the story so you can start thinking like a storyteller and keep your marketing message sticking.

The leader of the protagonist

You don’t have a story unless you have a protagonist – also known as a protagonist – who the audience sympathizes with. The protagonist can help the audience become emotionally involved in the story . That’s why emotional scenes, like love and action scenes, are so powerful. Think about watching a horror movie, especially when the main character is chased by a killer. The audience is on the edge of their seats as they are experiencing the same fear and rush of adrenaline as the protagonist. Who or what is the protagonist – the hero – what is your business? Your opponent is their opponent Besides the protagonist, the story also needs Iran Phone Number List momentum antagonists – someone (or something) hindering the protagonist from reaching her goal. Antagonists conflict . The antagonist can be a person, an entity, or even the protagonist himself (eg, the protagonist struggling to overcome his fears). Digging and talking about a common “enemy” with

No Plot, Big Problem

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into the middle of the story where the protagonist fights the antagonist, trying to accomplish specific goals. Then, we reached the climax. Everything seems to be lost. The protagonist makes more dramatic moves and completely defeats the opponent. Finally, we see how the main character is restored to his life. What is the “conspiracy” of content marketing? Has the beginning, middle, appeared in your message, and ended? The moral of the story Finally, great stories have an overarching message, or morality. For moral of “Beauty and the Beast” is that we shouldn’t judge people by our appearance. What is the important message of your business or idea?


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