A Product Category That Can Be Used to Identify Certain Products

This is a physical product” and enter the following information: weight. The weight of a bottle alone. I’m going to enter 0.5 lbs. Customs information. This is important if you plan to sell internationally. We’ll put in “Canada” since the kinda hot sauce Sales Directors Email Lists is made and ship from Canada, and use the search bar to find the harmonized system code for condiments, which is 21309.

Setting up actual shipping costs and the options you can offer your customers will be covered later in this tutorial. Step 6: variations i’m not going to set up variants for my products, but i still want to explain how many shopify store owners do it.

If Your Product Comes with

Like sizes or colors, instead of adding each one as its own product. You, can simply add them as variants of the same product. Each variant can have its own image, price. Tracking inventory, and individual settings associated with it. With variants, you can even add additional product options, for example by offering multiple colors that come in different sizes.

When, you add variants to your product and hit save to refresh the page. The media, pricing, inventory, and shipping sections. That, we covered earlier, will need to be configured for each specific variant. Since our product comes in one size and has no variants, we’ll leave this section alone.

If You Sell Different Variations

 Sales Directors Email Lists


However,  of the same product, be sure to edit each variation with the information on the corresponding product page. Shopify7 step 7: product organization and availability in the organization section, you can tag your products to help group them and make it easier to manage your store’s product catalog, select products for customers to buy, and apply rules or discounts to specific products.

Here’s what each tag means: product availability: you can choose from a multitude of sales channels, such as facebook shops or amazon, to list your products, which we will cover later. For now, just make sure your product is available in the “online store” or it will be hidde. Kind of product.

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