A Simple and Effective Way to Protect Your Devices

Sometimes neglected by users who care little about the security of their data and their devices. However, cybersecurity software remains a must to protect online browsing. Sometimes mistakenly seen as anti-virus. However,this software actually Hungary WhatsApp Number List makes it possible to fight against all malicious attacks. Malware, ransomware, or even to protect your browsing via a VPN. Today we take a look at Bitdefender Total Security , a complete solution that protects all fixed and mobile devices from all threats. A Simple and Effective Way to Protect Your Devices.

An online interface to control all your devices

An app for mobile devices and an online space to control all devices. You to have access to all your data from an online space. It is for example on this space that you can launch the analyzes. However, the optimizations of any device. Bitdefender also allows you to geolocate a device. Unlock it or erase its data.

We all have in mind the performance problems related to protection software. The repetition 5 times a day reminding. Bitdefender runs without slowing down the system. Integrates without pop-ups, without untimely openings… A Simple and Effective Way to Protect Your Devices.

Complete desktop protection

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Once installed, Bitdefender is able to detect all online threats. Trojans, viruses, spamware, spyware, ransomware and whatnot. The protection is done in real time and in a preventive way.


However, bitdefender is also able to analyze the sites you search on, so that you do not visit dangerous or fraudulent sites. A shady site will be immediately highlighted on your usual browser. The same is true for sites attempting to set up Phishing pages. Before compromising your bank details, for example.

Bitdefender has all the necessary tools to secure your computer again. However, taking into account the security of personal data stored on your PC such as photos, videos. music Bitdefender effectively protects you against ransomware.

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