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See you right after all that. Yo sperm kit review ok my haters. We find ourselves behind the screen to find out if i am fertile or not because i was born stupid. It is recorded. But am i fertile. This is the question our little kitounet will answer in a few minutes. I can not wait ! So i downloaded the software. We will press next. We read and accept the terms. Here. Just click on start testing. So if you don’t know how it works. You can click on how yo works and you have a little demo video. You can also download the instructions here. So here is ! So we’re going to click on back. We will click on start testing. So there. We have the device yo plus the cable which is here that we are going to take out. I’m ready to start.

We must enter our device yo. So it is listed below. Then Czech Republic Cell Phone Numbers they tell us to connect by usb cable. It’s good. We plugged in the kit. The device is ready. We click here. We click. You are well connected. We are told to read the instructions before we start. This is the video from earlier. So there. I’m going to have to get my semen back and then just follow the instructions. We’re going to come back and then we’ll have to collect all of a sudden in there. We’ll be right back. Ok haters. I did my little errand. I’ll put you the link to the video x on which i made my commission for those who are interested. So we can continue. We connected the sample well. We will click on next. So here we go. We’re going to put this.

We’re Going

Mix it and then we have to turn. 10 to 15 seconds. So i’m not showing it to you on screen. It’s pretty disgusting. It’s really the first time i’ve done this. So. I hope it’s well done. Finally. There is no problem. You really have to do as indicated on the screen. It’s starting to get pretty bad. They say 10-15 seconds. But you can do more. That’s done. We move on. Next. It’s 10 minutes and it’s gone. So there. We have to wait 10 minutes for the mixture to be done and then we can suddenly test. Look. We’ll meet in 10 minutes. Ok my haters. There are 50 seconds left. I just wanted to quickly show you that during the 10 minute wait. You can do a little challenge. You click on start. Fine. Suddenly.

Czech Republic Cell Phone Numbers
You can have fun. Answer questions. So here we go. We’re going to leave trivia and it’s 14 seconds before we can take a sample and put it on the slide that’s here. The slat. We’re already going to unpack it. You see. On the slide. There is a small red dot and it is on this red dot that the liquid will have to be put. We click on next. You still have to turn it. It’s good. We shot. Then. We will take the small pipette. So i’m not showing it to you because it’s not very glamorous. There. It’s quite simple. We make a vacuum and we suck it up. So that’s good. Then we click there. We click on next. It works pretty well there. All in all. It fills up nicely. So that’s good. It’s pretty simple to do. Then they kinda tell us to clean the rim.

We Press Here

And we click on next. Then we watch the video. We’re going to take our device and we’re going to put it inside. We click. So there is a mini microscope if you want that you have and that will allow you to visualize your sperm. Let’s go ! Good my haters. Here is the fateful moment arrives in 50 seconds. Am i fertile? The question remains. It’s a bit stressful. It’s a bit stressful because i don’t know how to react if i can’t have kids. If you will. Normally. There shouldn’t be a problem. But hey. We’ll see what happens. 15 seconds left. 3. 2. 1 and it’s done. So what does that tell us afterwards? It was well captured. My god. It’s moving in all directions. So there it is. Moderate 6 million.

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