After Several Months of Waitingshare Documents

The advantage of the blog is to be able to share all types of media easily . Videos, widgets, photos… A simple embed code is usually enough to make you happy. This piece of code, generously offered by third-party sites, will allow you to highlight Mozambique B2B List your creations, your writings or any type of external service in a copy/paste. The observation remains the  as PowerPoint, Word, Excel, PDF … Many sites offer to host these files for bloggers. After Several Months of Waitingshare Documents.

Examples include Calaméo or Scribd . In this line, has some serious arguments to make. First advantage, no need to register to use it. You can log in using your Google, Twitter or other credentials. Second strong point, the list of supported formats: Word, Excel, Powerpoint, PDF, OpenOffice, images (GIF, JPEG, PNG, PSD and so on), text, code and even web pages. After Several Months of Waitingshare Documents.

The Advantage of the Blog Is to Be Able to Share

In short, everything you can find… Once uploaded, all you have to do is copy/paste the code provided by the site . Last advantage, and this is where the service stands out, the result on your web page and its functionalities. Proof by example, with the e-book The digital identity in question : The design is  intrusive , unlike other services of this type.

On the option side, the minimum is offered, but all the useful elements (and only these) are present. You can therefore crop the document (zoom function), print it or download it in one click, share it by email, Twitter or Facebook and enlarge it in full screen mode.

The Design Is Sober and Not Very Intrusive

Mozambique B2B List

A real success then. To keep on hand, every blogger has at some point a document to share This site offers you to put you in touch with interpreters so that they record songs on the occasion of birthdays or special events . Mind-blowing, but tempting! This new type of virtual the rage.

The idea is simple: you connect to the site via Facebook or Twitter, choose one of your contacts to whom the song will be dedicated, give some information about him to inspire the artist, then wait a few days (maximum 5) to receive the end product. It’s hard to get more personalized. If you sing, the site is recruiting, don’t hesitate to apply! I find the concept excellent, it remains to be seen how it can evolve. For the moment, the productions are mainly Hip Hop.

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