Also Get Those Experiences First Hand

The distance is simply too great, the costs too high, or the time too limited. Quite difficult if you are going to make the choice to start a course a few thousand kilometers away. We therefore try to convey as much of that atmosphere as possible in a Panama Phone Number authentic way to these study voters via our online and social media channels. Especially through our own students. Students share experiences Nowadays it doesn’t matter whether you want to book a hotel, buy a laptop, or cook a recipe. The experiences of others are an important source of information.

Those Experiences First Hand

The same is true when choosing a course. Who better to tell what it’s like to study somewhere than someone who is already studying there? Someone who has gone through the same process, from study choice to the final decision? If there is one group that we have more than enough at our disposal, it is experts by experience, our students and alumni. Who better than them to tell someone else what it is like to study in Eindhoven? What is it like to move from any country and to get acquainted with the Dutch educational culture, and what you will encounter as an international.


Experiences First Hand

We therefore involve our students as much as possible in our student recruitment. Both within and outside the Netherlands, offline and online. They provide information at Open Days, give presentations during webinars, attend trade fairs abroad, travel throughout the Netherlands to provide information at secondary schools, and use our Instagram account to show what the student life of a TU e ​​student is like. Also read An Instagram account without managing it yourself Webcare by students In addition, our webcare is also provided by students. A team of students answers all incoming questions via WhatsApp and social media. Many of those questions are about studying and information events.

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