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Users were. In general. Very interested in the milestones that occurred in the congress. And they demonstrated this on social networks. #HIP2019: golden hour and minute Did Internet users opt for Indonesia phone number  with images. Or did links. Videos or gifs triumph? We see it in the image below. There were only 8 Internet users who used gifs. While 1.98K added links. 1.55K included images and 222. Videos. #HIP2019: type of tweets #HIP2019: Top Users Among the users with the most tweets. It is not surprising to see that the event account itself.

Was the most active. With 952 tweets and retweets . In the ranking we also find  Eva Ballarín. Director of the Hospitality 4.0 Congress program. And Diego Olmedilla . President of Aplus Astromarketing and Director of FACYRE (Federation of Chefs and Confectioners of Spain). The Madrid Indonesia phone number Council. The consultant joseperlo or the chef Dani García are some of the users present in the social conversation who have the most followers on Twitter. As for the users with the most retweets and favorites . We find in the Top 3 Diego Coquillat .

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Who repeats; and to Makro Spain . Official supplier of the event and who hosted some of the most commented presentations of the congress in their Makro Classroom. #HIP2019: tweets with more rt Tweets with the most retweets #Hip2019: Most Favorited Tweets Indonesia phone number Favorited Tweets The most mentioned account was the official account of the congress (expohip). Followed by Diego Coquillat. Eva Ballarín and Dani García. #HIP2019: mentions #HIP2019: the hashtags and terms Along with the official hashtag . #HIP2019.

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Other most used tags were #thebestdr (about The Best Digital Restaurants awards presented by Diego Coquillat at HIP). #aulamakro. #congressdirectoragenda or #HORECA. You can see it in this Indonesia phone number of hashtags : #HIP2019: Hashtags The most used words are present in many congresses and events: stand. Restaurants. Digital. Sector. Conference. Future. Thank you… #HIP2019: words #HIP2019: engagement As for the battle between retweets and favorites . Who won?

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Or did they prefer to show that they liked it through the little heart button? We see it below: #HIP2019: RT and fav Even though the favorites started out far outpacing the number of retweets . As the days progressed. Netizens turned the tide. #HIP2019 on Instagram Although these Indonesia phone number of events do not usually enjoy such an impact on Instagram. It is true that the world of hotels and restaurants is very well received on the social network of photographs and. Little by little.

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