Another Segment Could Be Users Who Visit a Specific Part of Your Website.

SEO return on investment (roi) indicator that shows us the return obtained from a seo investment. The formula to calculate this indicator is as follows: roi (profit – investment) / investment. There are other calculation options in which other concepts would enter, such as the number of visits without final conversion. Seo optimization Georgia Phone Number List using google analytics google analytics can help you develop a much more effective and real seo optimization, analyzing all the information it provides you. Google analytics allows you to generate reports, export and automate your delivery. A great task to measure the progress of your seo actions. Another Segment Could Be Users Who Visit a Specific Part of Your Website..

Get the Most Out of Google Analytics!

Similarly, audience reports we have already seen that web traffic. Is, a fundamental piece to know the reality of our website. Through an audience report, you can establish different criteria to know. The, quantity and quality of traffic on your website. Thus, you can temporarily adjust metrics such as: the number of sessions. Another Segment Could Be Users Who Visit a Specific Part of Your Website..

Number, of users, page views, average duration or bounce rate. Acquisition reports acquisition reporting focuses. On, tracking stats and metrics for visits, the channels they come from, and the number of conversions. In these reports, the type of traffic. Is, a key element in drawing conclusions about the audience: organic, direct, referral or social traffic. These are key factors that can help us draw good and practical conclusions. For, better decision-making.but not all of them are worth it.

Secondary Dimensions

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And segments the secondary dimension feature allows you to expand information within a primary dimension in the same table in a report. For example, in the audience by devices report, the default dimension is source .

However, if you select a secondary dimension, for example city , you will be able to see where the traffic originated from. Improve-positioning-seo another way to perform in-depth analysis in google analytics is by using segments. A segment is a subset of data that share some common characteristics. For example, out of a complete set of users, a segment could be users from a country or city.

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