Are Social Media “Experts” Worthless

This immediately sparked the whole idea of ​​campus-style kicking social media pundits, with one famous writer saying that anyone who makes it for a living is going to “walk dead on fire.” That’s one of the better measures. The curse and vitriol are a little hard to watch. Here’s something, though. The preparation of Vaynerchuk needs to be raised. However, this is not something that interests me. What I’m interested in is how to make last year’s 0.5%. What does a social media expert look like who isn’t a clown? First, let’s talk about hate titles. Are “social media experts” calling themselves a silly thing? On one level, of course. “Social media expert” is like an “Internet expert,” which is so broad that it doesn’t make sense. Just have

Major Bullshit Sturgeon’s Law

Sturgeon ‘s Law , coined by science fiction writer Theodore Sturgeon, is that 90% of everything is bullshit. Of course, it’s easy to find social media experts from many people who know anything about business or social media. Why should social media consulting be on its own? There is more demand for good social media advice than there Bulgaria Phone Number List are practitioners who can give it. Anytime demand exceeds supply, Sturgeon’s Law comes into play. Do Businesses Really Need Help With Social Media? Some people believe that businesses don’t need all the help with social media – if their products and customer service aren’t good enough, the social media side just needs to take care of itself. This is precisely because

If You’re Allergic to Marketing and Making Money, Don’t Ask the Merchant

They imagine selling something that magically shows up when you make many friends. Any good salesperson will tell you that you need to be able to make friends. Nurtured relationships have always been an important part of selling and always will be. But that doesn’t stop here. You still need to prove value for the money, your product still needs to do great things for your customers, and you still have to ask for sales . Social media relationships don’t replace solid marketing strategies – they amplify. Anyone who tells you otherwise is of no interest regardless of experience or evidence. Sometimes the best marketing doesn’t feel like marketing. That doesn’t mean there isn’t a solid strategy in place – it usually indicates a strategy that is absolutely

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