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Prefix, you can choose a less common one like “hgg_”. It is a security plus for wordpress that you can easily do in the process of installing your website. 4. Always use the latest version of wordpress another very basic wordpress security tip. Having your application updated is essential to minimize . The risk of your website being hacked. Keeping wordpress up to date is a good way to maintain and improve the security of your website. When a new version is released, security patches and improvements are included to correct vulnerabilities found in previous versions.

Therefore, many malicious users are aware of these security holes and take . Advantage of them to take control of your website. 5. Plugins and templates: also always up to date . Update plugins and templates to improve wordpress security unsplash image as with the wordpress core . Every time a new version of a plugin or your website template is released, vulnerabilities are corrected . That can put your website at risk. Having outdated plugins can pose a great risk to the security of your website. It is best to check periodically if you need to update the version of any plugin.

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If you have plugins installed that you Ivory Coast Phone Number no longer use, remove them completely . Even if you have plugins disabled in the wordpress admin panel, they can still be a gateway for malicious users. If you no longer use them, delete them. If at any time you need them, simply access the official wordpress . Repository and reinstall them. 6. Always have backup copies of your website if you care about . WordPress security, it’s important that you always have backups available in case something doesn’t . Work as expected. Also, if something bad happens or a user tries to take over your website, you always have a copy that.

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You can restore and have your website up and running in a matter of minutes. If you have your website with godaddy, remember that you have website backup available. Which automatically backs up your website on a daily basis. It is a good way to maintain . The security of your data and your business and, of course, the reputation of your brand. 7. Beware of spam if you have . A wordpress website, you need to take steps to protect yourself from spam. There are many hackers who use the contact forms or the . Comments section of your blog to insert fraudulent links or inject .

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The security of wordpress. Using a plugin like akismet will help you control . This type of behavior. Automatically blocks spam comments that may reach our website or blog. Leaving only those with a questionable origin or content pending approval. Akismet is already installed by default in wordpress to improve its security. You simply have to create an account on . The official page of this plugin to generate an api key that allows you to configure it and make it work on your website. 8. What about a wordpress security plugin?

Using a wordpress security plugin can be a good way to protect your application. Many plugins are prepared to protect a website with hardly any configuration and are . The best option when you do not have enough technical knowledge to make improvements to your website manually. Here are some wordpress security plugins that can help you keep your website and customers safe. Securi security wordfence security ithemes security 9. An ssl certificate: key to wordpress . Security improve wordpress security with an ssl certificate pexels image one aspect that many. Still ignore is the importance of encrypting your website connections.

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