ASC 606 Effective Date

The completed-contract method recognizes revenue and profits only after a completed contract. Companies typically use this method when they cannot predict how much or when funds will be collected from the client or customer. The benefit of using this method is that the reported revenue is based on actual results versus estimates.

5. Cost-Recoverability Method

The cost-recoverability method is a conservative method where Wuhan Mobile Phone Number revenue is recognized only when the revenue collected exceeds the cost of the goods or services sold. It’s a popular method for companies that sell goods on credit.

Now that we’ve discussed the criteria and methods of revenue recognition, we can focus on the latest revenue recognition standard: ASC 606.


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What is ASC 606?

ASC 606 is an accounting standard set by the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) that defines how businesses recognize revenue in their operations. While the previous system was industry-specific, the updated structure is industry-neutral. Issued in May 2014, the goal of ASC 606 was to create transparency in revenue recognition, address revenue issues as they emerge, and standardize how all businesses recognize revenue across multiple industries.

The standard applies to all contracts with customers, except the following:

  • Lease contracts
  • Insurance contracts
  • Financial instruments
  • Guarantees (other than product or service warranties)
  • Non-monetary exchanges between entities in the same line of business used to facilitate sales to customers

ASC 606 Effective Date

Although public, private, and non-profit companies are held to the new revenue recognition standards, the ASC 606 effective date differed for these entities. Public businesses were required to adopt the new guidelines for reporting periods beginning after December 15, 2017, while others (private and non-profit) were not required to implement the new standards until December 15, 2018.

ASC 606 Revenue Recognition Steps

To help your business determine how to recognize revenue under ASC 606, you need to:

  • Step 1: Identify the contract(s) with the customer. The company and customer are aware of the payment terms, collectibility, and involved parties.
  • Step 2: Identify the performance obligations. To create a clear image of transaction processes, set milestones for recognizing revenue.
  • Step 3: Determine the transaction price.
  • Step 4: Allocate the transaction price. Assign an expense to each performance obligation. It should equal the total transaction price.
  • Step 5: Recognize revenue when or as the entity satisfies the performance obligation.

The need for each step will vary based on the business; however, these steps can help most companies identify how to recognize revenue. To understand the process of revenue recognition under ASC 606, we use the following examples to demonstrate its application.

Revenue Recognition Examples

Revenue Recognition Examples

The scenario states: “— A university has a world-marching band that recently a recording of marches by famous composers. The university enters […]

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