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Do you use WordPress? Then there are great plugins available that can optimize the whole thing considerably. This way you can automatically compress images without losing quality. Lazy load delays loading or initializing resources until they are actually needed to improve performance and save power. It is also wise to optimize Malaysia Phone Number the JavaScript and use svgs. It is also advisable to do a major digital cleaning once in a while. By removing everything that is no longer relevant, you can even improve the usability of your website. Already have a website? Check with the Website Carbon Calculator how much impact it has on our planet. Making your website more sustainable means a faster loading time, which is good for your search results.

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Seems like a win-win to me, so why not start today? Sharing is caring! Do you have good tips for making websites more sustainable? Be sure to share them in a message below this article. By working together we create a positive impact on the world. Medicine, and in a larger perspective also healthcare, is undergoing rapid and continuous change. The coronavirus has also accelerated a number of developments, such as e-health and the use of artificial intelligence. In general, you can say that just like with banks, IT in healthcare also plays an increasingly important role. E-health is on the rise, but the exchange of data between hospitals in the Netherlands is still in its infancy.


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This makes it difficult to write about e-health in general. In this article I share two examples. COVID accelerates e-health in Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Telemedicine at the LUMC (the Box project) What is e-health Let’s start with a definition. According to the KNMG, e-health is: The use of information and communication technology to support or improve health and healthcare. E-health is therefore broad and ranges from patient files to teleconsultations. It is actually about how IT makes the patient journey possible. Yes, in addition to the customer journey, there is also a patient journey. I understand that such a term can make you itch, but it does describe an emerging trend.

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