Beautiful Design Is Half The Battle

NOW You have to break through the noise. Advertising has never been so cheap and never so measurable. The emphasis is now on the creative variable. At seven contact moments, perhaps 1 or 2 advertisements were sufficient. That is past tense. 10 or 20 ad sets are mandatory. bird of paradise From now on you can parrot me. Very nice, because Ecuador Phone Number searching through the internet is becoming more and more visual. It becomes easier to find images within Google that you are looking for. Since the launch of Gallery Ads in 2019, Google has increasingly focused on visual search.

Design Is Half The Battle

As an advertiser, it is important to respond to this year. The expectation is that visual search will increase and it is smart to prepare for this. Online retailers using Google Shopping in 2017 saw 75% of all clicks come from Shopping product ads. A few years back, the Shopping product ads were added to the image search results. In 2017, Google rolled out the ad format called Showcase Shopping Ads for a limited number of countries. top of the funnel Apart from Gallery Ads for Search, Showcase Shopping Ads are a visual format that retailers use to reach users at the top of the funnel. Think of broad search terms such as ‘women’s sportswear’ or ‘garden furniture.


Half The Battle

According to Google, more than 40% of Shopping search terms come from broad searches. In this phase, Showcase ads provide the opportunity to introduce potential customers to brands and products when they are not yet aware of their choice. What are Showcase Shopping Ads? Showcase Shopping ads allow advertisers to create a combination of a selection of products or related products that will be featured in the image results as a sort of catalog. The Showcase ads are only triggered when a user searches for broad terms and does not yet have a brand or specific model in mind. Once clicked, the ad expands and the consumer sees relevant products that match the search term.

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