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Marram grass as a child I was fascinated by the word marram grass. Marram grass grows in the dunes, so I made associations with the Second World War, with grass that protects itself against attacks from the sea by wearing a helmet. In German, marram Hungary Phone Number grass is called Strandhafer, which means (you guessed it) beach oats. Also a nice one. The alphabet we owe many useful words to the Arabs: sugar, coffee, caravan, petrol, orange, and even checkmate. But no other word has as much meaning for me as a copywriter as the alphabet. Where would I be without the alphabet.

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Farfalla of all the translations of ‘butterfly’ I like the Italian Farfalla the best. Admit that Farfalla sounds much better than butterfly , Schmetterling or borboleta. (Although I do find the Low Saxon word pennevulegel to have a certain charm.) 10. Sloddervos — according to a 1726 proverb, a slob is the brother of a slob and the son of a slob. I think slob is a wonderful word because ‘soldier’ sounds so wonderfully dirty, just what befits the brother of a slob and the son of a slob. 11. Hijsbakkie — this is Afrikaans for lift. I think the great thing about lifting a container is how unreliable the word sounds; it is reminiscent of a wooden orange box being lifted by kite rope.

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Stimulating Interesting Words

Spookasem another African. Spookasem means ‘cotton candy. The breath of a ghost, that’s what it means. Cool word. By the way, I also like ‘cotton candy’ myself. Do you want more African? This article on Froot gives a whole list of African words that you and I should start using today. 2 girls eating cotton candy. 13. Koldskål a Danish buttermilk drink. Why is this word so cool? At first glance it sounds rancid puke-bald but carefully considered it means ‘cold shell’. All the filth will slide right off the floor and you’ll instantly be craving a glass or bowl of koldskål, a popular dairy drink in that tiny, super-friendly northern European country. Schwung few words have as much swing as the word schwung.

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