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Make sure that the website has clear navigation so that visitors can quickly find what they are looking for. Icons (with an icon font of course) can clarify certain things and help your visitors get started even better. Also read 5 trends that cry out for Japan Phone Number sustainable innovation As soon as the visitors land on a page, make sure that it is clear at a glance what they can expect. This way you not only make your website more sustainable but also more user-friendly. 4. Use sustainable fonts Now that we’re taking a closer look at the design, I’ll also include the fonts. By being more aware of the choice of fonts, you can reduce the loading time of your website.

The Patient’s Data Must

There are two types of fonts that can be used in a web-based design, namely system fonts, and web fonts. The difference between these two is that everyone has system fonts on their computer by default and web fonts do not. Since system fonts are already standard on your computer, it also takes considerably less time and energy to load them. Examples of system fonts are Arial and Times New Roman. While system fonts are the most durable option, they also limit your design. Web fonts, on the other hand, offer more choice but can slow down the website. Some web fonts have more impact than others. So select the font carefully. To preserve the authenticity of your company, you can choose to combine system fonts and web fonts.


Patient’s Data Must

For example, by displaying the headers in a web font and the body text in a system font, which in turn fits well with the chosen web font. This way you make the website more sustainable, the design is distinctive and you speed up the loading time. Energy saving is key for a sustainable website. Speed ​​up your website And who wouldn’t want a fast website? Not only do the search engines love speed, so do your visitors. Nobody wants to waste time on a frustratingly slow website. A faster loading time will not only shoot you up in the search results, it is also more environmentally friendly ​​because it takes less energy to load. And that’s exactly what I’ve been talking about all along; energy saving is key for a sustainable website.

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