Because They Reported On A Journey

Ten international prospective students who really behaved like ambassadors, like influencers before, during and after this trip. This didn’t feel made, because they reported on a journey and a choice they make themselves. After all, they are all prospective students who themselves dream about a further education that suits them, even if that Sri-Lanka Phone Number means moving to another country. A choice of study that many students make these days. And now? Of course, we could not have predicted that a few weeks after the second edition of this Win a Trip campaign, the world went into lockdown due to the corona crisis.

They Reported On A Journey

A crisis that also has an impact on student recruitment, both nationally and internationally. Information is currently entirely online. Open Days, trade fairs, webinars, and Q&A sessions have all been introduced in an online variant recently. But even now, fully within the rules of the RIVM and the government, we continue to creatively search for possibilities to really feel and experience the university and campus. Because we know how important that is for prospective students. We don’t yet know what that means for the future of these Win a Trip campaign.


On A Journey

There is no new edition for the time being, but we will certainly look for a variant that will be possible in the future. Because if we have learned one thing during the past editions, it is that sharing experiences in an honest and authentic way really adds value in our international student recruitment. It’s more and more about the experience. E-shopping is becoming more and more important, but that doesn’t mean stores are losing value. They will stay but will look very different. De Bruijn calls them retail spaces . Stores in the open air where customers experience the brand and where it is mainly about the social aspect.

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