Becca Cason and edible lettering

Practically all the elements of the letterings that this north american artist composes can be eaten. Becca cason ‘s talent for lettering is indisputable, using almost exclusively elements from. All corners and drawers of the kitchen, she is capable of creating. Wonderful pieces that, in addition to being admired, can be read and eaten.

Becca has specialized in gastronomic lettering, which. She often seasons with stopmotion animations. Becca cason and edible lettering 1 starting from the most unexpected material, becca builds. Microworlds in which letters and food coexist with other elements in an apparent disorder calculated to the millimeter that, together with her. Husband, she photographs to immortalize and use in all kinds of advertising projects or in her social networks.


Solving the National Parks’ Greatest Design Mystery.

Her ephemeral canvases invaded by food photo background removing and lettering, whose elements have been delicately placed by hand by becca herself, have caught the attention of large international corporations such as starbucks, disney, twitter, l’oréal, flipboard or american express, among many others. Becca clason began her professional career as a graphic designer, but soon realized that her love for lettering was exceptional and she decided to dedicate her life to it. On the occasion of the gastronomy festival which starts tomorrow, we offer you a selection of restaurant logos the role of a logo is to give an identity to a company so that it stands out from the competition.

The ultracompetitive world of catering makes it almost indispensable – whether it’s a food truck or a more established restaurant, wearing the logo is essential in this sector. As a figurehead of the visual identity, it is from him that the restaurateurs will make their displays, their menus, their business cards.

photo background removing

Barbecue Branding Gets Swanky.

He must position the restaurant, impose a style CNB Directory and above all. Give water in the customer’s mouth. The streets being filled with cafes, restaurants, fast food, creating a logo should help you stand out from the competition. To inspire you during this gastronomic week, we offer you a selection of restaurant logos. Logotypes are logos that are mainly composed of one or more words. Cocacola, dell, ibm… many companies have decided to develop their brand identity around their name.

When the focus is on a word, the meaning of the latter is certainly. Very important, but the visual aspect also plays an essential role. Thus, typography is the figurehead of these types of logos. Graphic designers can play with lines, strokes, shapes, font design to give the brand a unique personality. This week, we offer you, for the happiness of. Your inspiration, a selection of logotypes created by our community of graphic designers.

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