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A good example is the free bottle opener you may have once received with the purchase of a six pack of beer. The brand name catches your eye every time you hold the bottle opener in your hands. Research has also shown that a consumer can remember you better as a company . No less than 85% of the recipients of a promotional gift indicate that they can still remember the giver of the product. website are not too large . This can slow down your website. For Google Discover it is important to use high quality images. Use Afghanistan Phone Number images that are max 1200px wide and the max-image-preview:large setting . Make sure the images are original, work less often with stock photos.

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The name of the image is important. Make sure that the most important keywords are included here. Note that the name of the file does not Afghanistan Phone Number a collection of all important keywords. Write an SEO friendly alt text. Describe the image and include the right keywords that also have something to Afghanistan Phone Number with the image. The file path is important. Make sure you don’t put all images in a generic folder, for example create subfolders per category.

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Afghanistan Phone Number

Make sure the images are mobile-friendly. How will you make an impact through SEO? Due to the many updates, it is clear that the SEO specialist is Afghanistan Phone Number not performing the same work as a few years ago. It is important to keep abreast of developments within the SERP and to think ahead. Take a look, for example, in the search results of America. The updates are often rolled out there earlier than in the Netherlands. Make sure the content is of good quality, be visible locally and respond to the Afghanistan Phone Number of images. Google strives to be as relevant as possible.

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