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If a customer’s experience with your products and services is good, then the opportunity arises for repeat purchases or upsell in the loyalty phase. User-friendliness and clarity are of paramount importance here. (By the way, that already starts on your Norway Phone Number website with a good thank you page after a demo request or a clear e-mail flow For the experience itself, you can think of clear onboarding, support and planning. Good implementation and a smooth process. The actual product or service you provide is of the quality that the customer expects.

Make Sure It Is Available

Loyalty The customer experience is good initially during the “honeymoon. Of the collaboration but should be good throughout the customer journey. For long-term success, retention is key, and the best thing you can do for. That is to remind your customers why they chose to work with you. Show them you care, even after the purchase is made. Regularly inform them about new features you offer with your platform, or a new way of working that you use to increase customer satisfaction. Send them emails with helpful content that will help them get even more out of their purchase.


It Is Available

Build a roadmap for the coming year, so that the customer can see what your organization has planned. Think: what would I want to know and see if I were in the customer’s shoes A happy and loyal customer is a customer who recommends you to others. In addition, it is easier to sell something to an existing customer than to bring in a new customer. Brainstorming By brainstorming you can already complete a few of these steps together with your team Image Pexels Warm, warmer, hot! Depending on the situation and the type of organization in which you work, there are several options.

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