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Customers are excited to personalize their experience and find the product that best suits their individual needs. The red rectangle around the product color selection 7. Reduce clutter It is important that your product Egypt Phone Number pages are easy to read and not cluttered. Avoid the urge to cram more and more information into a product page, as this can end up confusing potential customers. Remember, the site is only there to convert potential buyers, not entertain them with flashy graphics and cool videos. 8. Delivery time frame Include information on how long shipping will take before checkout and make sure expedited service is available if needed.

A Quick Guide Web Design Tips

Customers want to know what their delivery expectations will look like when making a purchasing decision! Red rectangle around exception delivery date 9. Upsell other products If you have other products that work with the product they’re currently looking at, make sure it’s clear how those products work together. Upselling your products is a great Egypt Phone Number way to add value and put more money in your pocket at the same time. You can upsell your products by adding pop-ups and subsections titled “Other Products You May Like.” Recommended product images 10. Fast Load Times You will never have the best product page if it takes more than 5 seconds to load!

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For Professional Websites

It’s a good idea to improve fast load times by optimizing images, removing unwanted plugins, and removing site bloat. You can check your work with tools like. Be consistent with the design Unfortunately many ecommerce Egypt Phone Number owners make the mistake of using dozens of different colors which do more harm than good. Customers may be attracted to product pages that look different from other pages. So make sure your design is consistent with what you offer! I recommend choosing 3-4 colors that work well together. Split screen between two different product pages from the same site 12. T

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