Black Friday Email Marketing:the Best Day to Email Customers

September has officially begun, which for many consumers marks the official start of fall. For marketers, the start of the fall season means. It’s officially time to start planning your next holiday marketing campaigns (if you haven’t already) or start ironing out some issues. With that in mind, Hong Kong B2B List many marketers will likely be wondering. Black Friday Email Marketing the Best Day to Email Customers.

When is the best time to start sending Black Friday email campaigns. Black Friday 2019 Predictions: Government Spending Will Rise. The statement above is not surprising. Especially since more and more people are starting their holiday shopping earlier in the year. Multiple sources are already saying that Black Friday sales will top the $12 billion mark this year, and that’s just for online spending.

Black Friday 2019 Predictions: Government Spending Will Rise

Total spending is expected to rise from last year’s total of $717.5 billion. With spending expected to increase overall. Especially online and via mobile devices, it’s more crucial than ever to really set your Black Friday email delivery deadlines. In order to make the most of spending season, marketers need to send their promotions to the right people at the right time, which can be very difficult during the season of email fatigue and burnout.

Knowing when to send and how often can make or break your vacation income. Plan your Black Friday 2019 email marketing campaign Analyzing the sending habits of our own customers in 2016 during the Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday rush, we noticed quite a few things. With more than 400 million emails sent between.

Plan Your Black Friday 2019 Email Marketing Campaign

Hong Kong B2B List

Thanksgiving and Giving Tuesday, engagement grew, with more than 63 million opens and nearly 9 million links clicked. This got us wondering, as technology has advanced and more people go online to browse and shop during the holidays. When is the best time to start sending marketing materials for the Black Friday?

Should marketers start as early as September? If not, does it pay to wait? Sending time matters: know what works best. The best way to start this investigation is to look at industry email benchmarks, as this will help you know what works best for your niche. Some things will need to be changed as the holiday shopping season approaches, but taking a look at our recent email marketing referrals study will help you get started on the right foot. Before diving too deep.

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