Brand Awareness: What It Is, How To.

Brand Awareness is a marketing term that Bulgaria Mobile Phone Numbers  describes the degree of recognition of a certain company, product or service by the consumer. Creating brand awareness is a key step in promotion, highlighting the value proposition, that is the qualities that distinguish the brand from the competition, but also speaking to the right target, with the right tone of voice at the most appropriate time

 company in people’s minds. Covid has accelerated change, highlighting the need for a more emotional and experiential approach, for greater attention to social issues, to communicate a corporate purpose (the purpose that is so much talked about): all this has the power to attract customers. . “The attention of marketing..  Storytelling, brand purpose , positioning to the target audience are not enough .  Today it is also a system of  interactions  through physical and digital touch points . It is therefore an architecture, a process. Not only that: the quality of the  customer experience  is in itself a “brand”.

Brand Awareness: How It Is Measured

The base of the pyramid sees the absence of knowledge, and then rises towards a superficial or in-depth knowledge of the brand.  in question represents the first thought of a consumer, when it comes to repeating the shopping experience. It is also possible to compare this level to the concept of loyalty, which is easier to understand. To measure brand awareness there are various tools. First of all, you need to engage in a search on Google and with Web Analytics tools , and on Facebook with Insights: to measure site traffic, but also to understand the level of comments relating to the brand. Today there are data analysis techniques that allow you to listen to the so-called Voice of The Customer , that is the

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The Steps To Build Brand Awareness

Clearly, a company that wishes to increase its brand awareness today cannot do without digital tools, alongside those of more traditional marketing. Digital marketing, in particular digital advertising  (Display, search, email and other online advertising formats) and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) –  the technique to position the site among the top search results on Google and other search engines -, represent a necessary step. .

Social media

Once this is done, it is always the case to make yourself available on social media , opening an official profile: this allows you to reach your target directly, obtaining visibility and communication opportunities.  communicate to their followers the goodness of a brand, product or service. .

Communication of brand values

Brands must learn to communicate their values ​​in an authentic and transparent way.  sustainable development. Not only did this result in product sales on the Amazon site, but it also increased the consumer’s perception of

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