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Everyone understands the importance of a text without disturbing language errors. A text with language errors makes your message come across less strongly and casts doubt on your degree of professionalism. In this article you will find the most common spelling mistakes in business texts. Are you writing email address or email address now? Take advantage of it and never write this wrong again from now on.

Spelling Mistakes

By language errors we mean, in short, errors in spelling, grammar and punctuation. I will omit errors in sentence structure and Chile Phone Number consistency here for the sake of convenience. What do the concepts mean again?

  • Spelling: the rules we follow when converting letters into words. So for example: categories instead of misspelled categories .
  • Grammar: the set of rules by which words and sentences are used in a language. So for example: ‘ the service we offer ‘ instead of the grammatically incorrect ‘ the service we offer ‘.

In this article I focus on the words that are frequently misspelled in business texts. Often misspelled words such as the only one, barbeque or sex I omit in this article.

As a text corrector I am professionally involved with language. Every day I get a large portion of language errors on my plate. From all these words, I’ve made a list of the ten most common spelling mistakes I see.

Chile Phone Number

The Top Most


WhatsApp is a proper name and, as the creator of the name invented it, should be written with two capital letters in this case. If you use the word as a generic name, meaning ‘a message sent via WhatsApp’, you write ‘whatsapp’. If you use the word as a verb, the capital letters should always be omitted, so: whatsapp

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