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Vertical video: we can no longer ignore it. But how Chile Phone Number do you make a good vertical video? For example, how can you crop your horizontal video to vertical format? Which apps are useful? And Chile Phone Number what should you take into account when filming vertically? Vertical video? Use your phone New on Frankwatching Is it still worth blogging when everything has already been said? 08:00 Content marketing: 10 numbers & facts in Chile Phone Number a row like this The marketer in duet with AI [3 tooltips] sat Selling an air conditioner in the winter? Stimulate spreading with compelling events fri Addicted.

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Explain why fri It is of course very convenient to just use Chile Phone Number your phone, which is compact and light. Hang it in a selfie stick to take cool shots. Make sure you use the vertical Chile Phone Number screen optimally. Fill the entire vertical screen, sit close to the subject, and don’t be afraid to get close to the camera yourself. Text, visuals & CTAs When filming, try to take into account the placement of text, visuals, or call to actions at the top and bottom Chile Phone Number of the screen. If you have a person in the picture, for example, it is useful to have some space above your head while filming. Turn landscape video into vertical video The most convenient is of.

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But do you already have existing, landscape images? Then you Chile Phone Number can also crop them with, for example, the InShot app. The Quik app also has the option to crop your videos. You Chile Phone Number can adjust the size of the canvas in the last menu ‘settings.’ Split screen and record reaction/duets Split the screen, in two or three. You can do this, for example, with the InShot app. In TikTok you can even do it automatically: by creating reaction or duet Chile Phone Number videos. From an existing video, go to share, then choose duet or comment. Your video will then automatically appear next to or in the existing video. Useful! Add graphics Add texts, emojis, and filters.

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