Choice They Make Themselves

And if it rains? Then the shops are covered with the help of advanced technology. Can you imagine what the shopping street will look like in 2030? Circularity and sustainability are important for customer experience In addition, you will soon find a 3D printer Taiwan Phone Number in every store so that you can immediately take your personalized product with you. And what makes me very happy: circularity and sustainability are becoming even more important. This generation considers that an important part of the customer experience. Brands that stand for something and really show it. This means that sub-concepts are becoming more and more common.

They Are All Prospective Students

We are already familiar with the shared cars, but soon you will also be able to share clothing and other living space, for example, in a different form than the one we know now. ‘Technology where possible, human where needed’ 80% of customer contact will be via artificial intelligence by 2030. These AI systems not only understand the individual needs of a customer but also recognize the mood and the systems adapt to these emotions. After all, an angry customer has a completely different need than a happy customer. Are we as humans no longer necessary for an ultimate customer experience? Certainly! Technology where possible, human where needed.


They Make Themselves

The biggest challenge will be to find a good balance between the two. Although what I wrote above all sounds quite futuristic and you may not be able to imagine it now, it does say something about what customers will expect from you as a company or brand. Do you personalize emails now? Fine, but actually you’re already behind. Hyper-individualization it is! What does this mean? That your webshop adapts completely to the preferences of a certain customer and that the experience is automatically optimized further after each visit. So many brands still have a step to take. What can you do now to move towards that futuristic customer experience.

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