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Click here to get Magazine Pro Pluto Used Photoshop Roadmap, Gift Idea Geek Pluto to safeguard Pluto is a card-based blog theme that uses a masonry-style layout. It allows affiliate sites to let their content, especially their visuals and titles, pique the interest of the reader. Benefits of Pluto Membership Features – Build a community within your blog and offer exclusive premium content or Amazon discounts to build loyalty and increase conversions.

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Where you want your  ads to appear without coding to increase your affiliate site’s earning potential. Use social proof – Show the number of likes for each post to encourage more clicks on your affiliate content. Pluto Price The Pluto theme can be purchased from the Envato Marketplace for $69. Click here to get Pluto. 8.uDesign Used by: Kitchen Knife Guru uDesign to safeguard uDesign is a theme for Amazon.


The theme includes a good selection of site

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Various Site Demos – Offer anything from music tutorial books to power tools with uDesign’s range of professional, conversion-optimized demos. Excellent Support – Build impressive sites from scratch with uDesign’s 24/7 support and exclusive forum with over 20,000 questions.

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