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Email marketing can be a tremendous asset to building your brand, but only if you have the right tools. Having a custom domain for your website is a step in the right direction. And the next logical thing would be to create your own custom Ghana B2B List email address. Most domain hosts these days include. The use of a custom email address in the price of your custom website domain. Create Your Own Personalized Website Tools.

So if you’re already paying for it, why not use it? Read on for easy-to-follow steps to create your own personalized email address with two popular hosting sites. What is a personalized email address? A personalized email address is exactly. Create Your Own Personalized Website Tools.

What Is a Personalized Email Address?

What it sounds like a personalized email address to align with your business. In many cases, especially for brands that are just getting started, they only need one personalized email address. These addresses are typically configured with the following formula in mind: FirstInitial+Last [email protected] Of course, this is not the only formula for setting up a personalized email address, here are some other examples often used by companies.

Why is a personalized email address important for your business? With around 3.8 billion online email accounts worldwide, it can be hard to stand out from the rest in a crowded inbox. Here are a few reasons why a personalized email address can help you stand out from the crowd and, more importantly.

Viewers Will See You as the Professional You Are

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The competition. Viewers will see you as the professional you are. Applying this first initial + last name formula to a generic Gmail address doesn’t give off the professional vibe a sender is looking for. Having a personalized email address helps identify that person as a professional working for a specific, recognizable, and trustworthy company. This automatically makes that email not only more professional, but more legitimate.

You will stand out from the crowd. Many people ignore a generic Gmail email simply because it doesn’t stand out. But they can also assume that the content of the email is malicious because they don’t recognize the sender. Other subscribers, on the other hand, may report this address as spam because it is unprofessional.

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