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Do you – like many others – use Mail chimp to send emails? Understandable. Because the UAE Phone Number tool is free and super user-friendly. But did you know that Mail chimp has been out of GD PR compliance for a while? So it is high time to switch to a Mailchimp alternative. I have compared 3 tools for you. A little more about Mail chimp. Mail chimp has not been GDPR compliant since mid-2020. That’s right. Mai UAE Phone Number  chimp is an American company and stores all data (including personal data) in the United States. Strict privacy requirements have been imposed on this in Europe for years.

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Due to the disappearance of the Privacy Shield (mid-2020), the agreement under which the UAE Phone Number US promised to protect the data of EU citizens, it is no longer allowed to store data from Europeans overseas. Do you still use Mail chimp? Then you do not fully comply with the AVG guidelines. It is therefore wise to switch to an e-mail tool from UAE Phone Number an EU-based party. But which Mail chimp alternative do you choose? There are tons of email tools to choose from and it’s not easy UAE Phone Number to compare them. I’d be happy to lend you a hand. After a quick scan of the options and pricing of various tools, I chose to compare the cheaper tools that are comparable to Mail chimp (but AVG-proof). These are Lamppost, Hello dialog and Mail camp. Advantages and disadvantages of tools Are you looking for that one e-mail tool that has everything and is also cheap – or rather free –? Then stop looking. You won’t find it.

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Each tool has its advantages and disadvantages in terms of features, links and pricing. Lamppost The biggest advantage of Lamppost is that it is free to use up to 12,000 emails per month to a maximum of 2,000 contacts. Will you stay UAE Phone Number within this number? Score! But remember, you get what you pay for. Lamppost isn’t a bad alternative to Mail chimp, but the editor leaves something to be desired. There are several design restrictions.

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