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For example, the we-customer is very much concerned with the possible environmental consequences of the purchases he makes. Where possible, he buys sustainable and local products, which are produc under good working conditions. The Indonesia Phone Number we-customer also doesn’t mind spending a little more money on this.  Is happy to wait a few days longer for his package if this means it is a greener choice. The I-customer For the I-customer, who is extremely demanding, instant gratification is the norm. Even same day delivery is no longer good enough – due to the emergence of speed cameras such as Flink and Gorillas . Ideally, the I-customer has his order within the same hour.

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A sustainable choice is a plus, but not essential for the I-customer. Sustainability from the we-customer perspective As a society, we are becoming increasingly aware of the impact our behavior has on the environment. Nevertheless, we mainly place the responsibility for sustainability outside ourselves. That is Indonesia Phone Number primarily a task for producers and governments, we only point to the consumer in third place, according to consumer research by the GFK in August 2021. Although you can still survive as a retailer without a sustainability agenda, this will probably be impossible in 2030. The pressure from the we-customer continues to increase.

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It is also looking for organizations that do not make more sustainable choices because of legislation and regulations, but because they believe in this. The Indonesia Phone Number behavior of the we-customer is also different from what we are used to. Where we once focused primarily on ownership, we now focus much more on access and use. The we-customer is not familiar with the granting of status to possession, for example of a new car. In fact, it backfires on him. For the ancient Greeks, it increased status to own as little things as possible. Will we go back to this time with shopping in 2030?

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