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They do a great job of keeping the content organized by using different separators and different color blocks. Some standout features are the live chat at the bottom of the page, a Facebook link and an address/phone number. 8. American Roof This site has a great introductory video showing workers doing their jobs and working together. They immediately shared their Lebanon Phone Number xpertise and provided great explanations that matched the pictures. Also on the home page, they explain their warranty and how it works. Google reviews are on their own page within the site. The company can be easily contacted via the phone number, email and social media links at the top of the page.

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Related How Much Does a New Website Cost? 9. Quality discount Quality Discount’s website highlights what they offer in the intro slider. They immediately provide this information to potential clients. Throughout the home Lebanon Phone Number are a number of hover effects, and when you hover over them, you can get in-depth information. Testimonials are on a slider for easy reading. Plus, they offer free estimates, financing, and live chat. 10. Next level roofer The site has a clean and well-organized sticky header.

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This makes it easier for visitors to find what they need or browse information. In other pages, they do a great job of organizing information and pictures. First, the image grabs your attention, then you go to read the message. 11. Universal Roof & Contracting This rooftop site is simple, with tons of white space throughout. Available in red, white and blue Lebanon Phone Number schemes. Also, there are very strong titles with capital letters. The homepage is smooth and easy to read and understand. Blue and white blocks are used to separate information. Jenny Roofing Janney Roofing has a creative website. There are two video clips on the homepage sharing their big news this year.

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