Diggstr, Exploring Digg the Stumbleupon Way

If you like to make discoveries on the web, you must know Digg and Stumble Upon.  Internet users offer their favorite links in different categories, public votes propel them to the home page. It’s a great way to discover current events, current buzz or useful resources. StumbleUpon offers random surfing on links from your favorite themes.. The Diggstr site CANADA B2B List offers to surf the news published on Digg in the same way as on. You will therefore randomly discover the best articles, videos and images among the 8 categories offered: technology, games, science, sport, lifestyle, business and quirky. Diggstr Exploring Digg the Stumbleupon Way.

If You Like to Make Discoveries on the Web

Check the one that interests you and start your journey! The navigation bar will allow you at any time to vote or share the page you are on. The concept is excellent and hours of procrastination. A must see !No less than 21 people signed up for the Christmas Swap . To allow you all to prepare your parcels and send them before the fateful day, I drew lots this morning the people who will have to send each other gifts. Diggstr Exploring Digg the Stumbleupon Way.

The Diggstr Site Offers to Surf the News Published


All you have to do is contact the person assigned to you to get their address! Without further ado, here is the draw:Bernard sends a batch to Florian Priscilla sends a batch to CarlosSylve sends a batch to Kielut Djenaï sends a batch to Flav France sends a batch to Geraldine Pauline sends a batch to Major FatalJessyca sends a batch to Sylve Pierre-Antoine sends a batch to Priscilla Carlos sends a batch to Jessyca Veronique sends a batch to Pierre-Antoine Kiwi sends a batch to Secrassistante a batch to Kiwi André sends a batch to Veronique Nathalie sends a batch to Djenaï Flavien sends a batch to PaulineKielut sends a batch to France Catherine sends a batch to AndréMajor Fatal sends a bundle to Nathalie Géraldine sends a batch to Bertrand Secrassistante sends a batch to Bernard Florian sends a batch to Catherine

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