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Offer customers a free perk with the purchase Turkey Phone Number and change the value. The price does not change, but a consumer still estimates it as cheaper because of the free extra. In addition, it attracts the customer’s attention, it is an element of surprise. This can result in long-term effects, such as brand awareness and brand loyalty Turkey Phone Number problem the visitor is having. What questions do you often get from customers who want to purchase your service or product? Longer content in which questions are Turkey Phone Number answered often scores best. If it is also good quality content. Once the information is properly shared on the website, there is a much better chance of getting into the ‘people search’ section of the SERP.

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Also make use of structured data . With structured data, you can Turkey Phone Number help Google by answering exactly the important questions. For example, by loading FAQs via structured data , you can answer a specific  common question directly in the SERP. This increases the chance that your content will be shown in the SERP with a featured snippet. To properly use structured data, you can use Google’s Structured Data Markup Helper tool . With the arrival of MUM in 2022, things will also change.

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Turkey Phone Number

With MUM, Google wants to answer the user’s question Turkey Phone Number itself by means of AI without referring to a website. The algorithm then compiles its own answers based on information from various websites. It remains to be seen what the effect of this will be on content. And whether structured data can be used in the same way. 3. Play on Image Search Images are becoming increasingly important Turkey Phone Number within the SERP. We Turkey Phone Number see them in advertisements and organic search results, but some of the users also search via the ‘Images’ tab in Google. Google is also working on images outside the SERP.

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