Do You Put Data EPD From A Device

For example during pregnancy. But data is not information yet. To do this, the last step has to be taken: integration with an EPD. Because the patient’s data must be entered in the EHR in order to provide a good picture. In addition, there is also a new Philippines Phone Number dimension of a flow of data that you have to interpret. A ‘live’ element has therefore been added to the EPD that must be signaled. Data, privacy, and security How do you put data in an EPD from a device? The answer is of course: in a safe way. When developing these kinds of systems, you have to start from the principle of security by design. To be quite honest, I would like to pass that on to all projects in all industries.

Data EPD From A Device

An API as a de facto standard for information exchange is the door to services that you offer as an organization. And that has to be closed properly. Withings has an API available that you can use to transfer data. It would go too far to discuss all the details, but for example, a so-called token is used, which gives you access to the data. This token is a so-called secret and expires after three hours. Compare it to the plastic key you get for your hotel room. This gives you access as long as you pay for the room. Do you lose your card or are you no longer a guest? Then the card is invalidated and is worthless. In other words: you can no longer enter the room. It is, therefore, feasible to integrate these types of devices with an EPD.


From A Device

How will you do it and what technology will you use? Where in the EPD do you put the data and how do you ensure that analyzes take place? Is this a process for a doctor or is this an application that uses artificial intelligence? Or rather a simple system of rules if the blood pressure is high for more than three days, the Everything you do online carries a risk. If you don’t want to take that risk, don’t go online. As the developments already show, healthcare is becoming increasingly digital: e-health. Not as a goal, but as a means for more affordable, high-quality care.

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