Easy Steps to Recover Deleted Mailbox Items From Exchange Server

This can happen during server management and maintenance tasks when administrators attempt to clean up the database or mailboxes to reduce size and conserve server storage. Additionally, deleting the mailbox also deletes the associated Active Directory user account. However, the Exchange server retains the deleted mailbox until the retention period expires. You can recover and restore deleted Exchange mailboxes. Easy Steps to Recover Deleted Mailbox Items From Exchange Server.

And mailbox items using the Exchange admin center (EAC) or Exchange Management Shell (EMS) before the retention period expires. In this guide, we will help you to reconnect deleted mailbox  Turkey Phone Number List to new user using EAC and EMS and recover deleted Exchange mailbox items. Check the status of the deleted mailbox To recover deleted mailbox items from Exchange server, you must first check and ensure that the deleted mailbox still exists in the mailbox database.

Check the Status of the Deleted Mailbox

Assign permissions You need to assign the ‘ Recipient Provisioning Permissions ‘ user, required to manage recipients in the Exchange server. Without permissions, you cannot perform the operations, such as connecting the disconnected or deleted mailbox to recover the deleted Exchange mailbox. See this section to learn more.

Exchange server recovery software helps you scan Exchange database files. And restore accidentally deleted mailboxes to another user account. Unlike the manual method, the software provides an option to create a new user mailbox. After that, all you have to do is map the deleted mailbox to the new mailbox and click ” Export ” to recover the deleted mailbox and mailbox items.

Connect the Deleted Mailbox

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Recover Deleted Mailbox The software restores deleted mailboxes and items in mapped mailboxes. Thus, you do not need to create a user account in Active Directory or assign permissions. Also, the software can recover and export multiple deleted mailboxes simultaneously.

Conclusion Accidental deletion is quite common and usually occurs during maintenance tasks. We have also mentioned third-party software that can help. You recover deleted mailboxes from Exchange server in few clicks. The software automates and simplifies the entire process of deleted Exchange mailbox recovery.

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