The Second Edition Of This Win

A script had been drawn up for the main points. Prior to the livestream, the most pressing and current points were put on paper. This input came from internal corona working groups, but also from environmental analyses. This included issues that emerged through (social) media, website visits and questions asked by residents to the KCC. Mayor Dales is Venezuela Phone Number very excited about the live stream on Facebook. Mayor Frank Dales: “The Facebook live sessions were a success right from the start. Of course I had to get used to my new role and I think the residents did too. But the click was there right away, probably because we liked being connected again from both sides of the screen.

Edition Of This Win

We have conversations in which I can be seen and heard by all participants. And where the residents of Velsen submit their comments and questions to me via their keyboard.” So there is a lot to be said for live streaming on Facebook or Instagram. If you want to quickly and intimately address a large audience, Facebook is a suitable channel. However, a livestream of a mayor is of course very different from a livestream with the aim of participation according to certain procedures. The question is whether the Facebook livestream is still such a good idea, or is it smarter to use a webinar via, for example, Zoom. And could they reinforce each other.


That Also Has An Impact

The disadvantages of live streaming from Facebook or Instagram 1. Too accessible Facebook’s accessible live streaming option is music to many people’s ears – one push of a button and you reach your audience. Handy, right? Sure. But the quality of many live streams is often nothing to write home about, both technically and substantively. Because it is so easy to use and everyone can find the live button, in many cases people do not think carefully about the live stream. With a lot of guts and opportunism, they stream a live stream on Facebook or Instagram.

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