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These are matters that are important to all stakeholders. Both from the point of view of providing care, as well as receiving care and paying for care. Telemedicine at the LUMC (the Box project) A striking example from the Netherlands is a project of the Leiden University Hospital LUMC (Hart Lung Centrum). The Box Project is a system of Oman Phone Number devices from Withings, a supplier of personal health devices such as connected bathroom scales, thermometers and a watch that may be able to detect atrial fibrillation so-called AFib or AF. Telemedicine at the LUMC the Box project The Box’  Foto Arno Massee fotografie.

Element Has Therefore Been Added

The Withings devices all work together with an app and effortlessly create, measure and upload data. That’s exactly what you want when you introduce e-health. Of course, integrating that data directly into the hospital’s EHR system is a project in itself. The app on the smartphone shows data related to the user, such as temperature, activity, sleep, weight and EKG. It’s exactly what you need if you’re doing a project to see if self-measurement adds value to patients and the hospital. Screenshot of the Box, a form of e-healt. Photo: Arno Massee photography.


Therefore Been Added

The Box It’s a set of tools they call ‘The Box’. A thermometer, a blood pressure and heart rate monitor and a scale that, in addition to weight, also measures fat percentage and bone mass. In addition, an EKG watch is included, which can record a 1-channel EKG directly from the wrist. Without having to go to the hospital. It is not the same as a 12 channel EKG, but is sufficient to indicate the suspicion of AFIB. In short, the most important data that is relevant for a cardiologist, but also for other specialties. What Withings is very good at is making the measurements easy. For example, AFIB is common in older people who may not be use to technology. Take the scale for example. In a family, everyone’s weight is often different.

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