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Email and probably won’t be the last. As a  copywriter I see it very often: companies invest a lot of money in a beautiful website, but they write the texts themselves. There is always someone within the company who can ‘write nicely’ and therefore Jordan’s Phone Number takes care of the web texts or blogs. Of course I understand that better than anyone, but nice  Jordan Phone Numberwriting is not copywriting. That’s why I’m sharing my ten copywriting dos Jordan Phone Number and don’ts today. Five copywriting don’ts Let’s start with five things I wouldn’t recommend. Don’t #1: use too much jargon For you, everything within your field is a piece of cake, but do not assume that this is also the case for your.

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Jargon when writing web copy, blogs, or social Jordan Phone Number media posts. This way you ensure that you continue to write in understandable language.  mention clichés “With more than ten years of experience” or “your partner for” are examples of clichés that Jordan Phone Number you do not want in your lyrics. With these standard texts you don’t get your head above ground level. In fact, visitors don’t see why they should choose you. Don’t : Keyword Stuffing Using the right Jordan Phone Number keywords in web copy or blogs is smart, but make sure you don’t overdo it. The frequent use of keywords is also known as ‘ keyword stuffing .

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Google isn’t very happy about it either. Don’t  Jordan Phone Number Too Much Text Visitors often scan within a few seconds whether they find a text interesting. You can imagine that they drop out faster if a whole piece of text is visible. Using too much text is therefore not  Jordan Phone Number smart, because it does not invite you to continue reading. Whether you’re writing a web copy or blog, make sure it’s a joy to read! Don’t #5: use different forms of address All too often I see web texts Jordan Phone Number that first talk about ‘you’, and then switch to ‘you’. It doesn’t matter what you choose, as long as you stay consistent. Also, once you decide to use “you make.

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