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Maybe even some curious sniffing was involved (in places where you probably don’t want to find anyone’s nose). However, thanks to the wonderful tool called language, I can simply say, “Hi, I’m Vincent.” You see: there are no monkey-like sounds involved, and sniffing Guatemala Phone Number is also unnecessary. In case you haven’t figured it out yet, this article is about language. Or la lingua, as the Italians say, språket as the Swedes call it, also called η γλώσσα according to our Greek fellows.) Language is practical and beautiful Language is practical, as my introduction shows. It makes life more efficient.

For Entrepreneurs And Marketers

Speech and language are important reasons why we as humans have become the most dominant species on earth. When I see a lion approaching my colleague (assuming Antwerp is suddenly populated by African game), I can warn him: ‘Watch out, Jef, you will be approached by a tiger!’ Without language, I would have had to use wild gestures and ineffective gutturals to get the message across. As a result, poor Jef would understand the message too late and be eaten by Simba. Different letters of a scrabble game. But there is more than a mere practicality when it comes to language. Language can also be beautiful. That is why we recite Goethe and read Murakami.

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That is why woolly love letters are sent between lovers. And that is why storytelling is a booming business. The versatility of language Conclusion: language has both a practical aspect and an aesthetic effect. It is this versatility of the written word that I celebrate every day as a copywriter in Antwerp. How? By respecting the language. By avoiding language errors and writing original texts. Regardless of whether I write a blog title or conjure up a Google Ads text on the screen. And also: by making use of the many possibilities of language. Because how many words are there in the world? The Dutch language alone has countless words.

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